Mazama Coffee Co recognizes the importance of community involvement and is committed to lending a hand to our neighbors. It is one of the ways we say thanks and give something back to the community that has welcomed our business.

Like many small businesses, Mazama Coffee Co receives many requests for donations every month. Although we’d love to say “yes” to all of them, there are far more requests than we are able to financially support. 

In order to consider a donation to your organization or event, your charity must directly benefit the Dripping Springs community. 

In order to review all donation requests efficiently and fairly, all information needs to be submitted in writing. You can drop off your written request at the counter or via email sent to

Please include the following information for all requests:

Name of Event:
Date & Time of Event:
Who or What are the Benefits from this Event:
Contact Name:
Contact Email:
Number of People expected to attend:
Location of Event:
Donation Requested:
Signage Opportunities:

If you have additional information that might help with our decision-making and/or an event flyer, please include this along with your request. We will only entertain requests from and for the benefit of the Dripping Springs community.  

Thank you for considering Mazama Coffee Co in association with your event or fundraiser.

Vicky & Bruce Lewis