Thank you for your interest in helping us sponsor a Foundations Community family in need this holiday season.

We are sponsoring TWO families and we'd love to have you involved. Below are the guidelines. 

You may drop off items at either of our Mazama Coffee Co Locations (Mercer Street + Caliterra) during normal business hours.

Deadline is Saturday, December 9th, 2017


·       Please purchase new gift items.  On average, we are not expected to spend more than $100 per family member. That is the sum of all gifts per family member. You can spend as little or as much as you can afford. 


If your matched family has children, please do not wrap their gifts before delivering, but you may provide some wrapping supplies for the parent(s) to wrap their children’s gifts. You may wrap gifts for parents or single adults before delivery. Please label all gifts with the following: (1) Family ID  (2) Family member’s first name.


·       Family ID: SV38

·       Head of Household: ANA G.

··       Family Size: 4 (2 Adults, 2 Kids)

·       Employment Status: Single Parent Employed

·       Family Story: We are a family of four and it gets difficult to get our kids the gifts they want and we'd appreciate any help we can get. We really want to give our kids the best and it becomes difficult with one income. We appreciate any help we can get. God bless you for all your help.

·       Mode of Transportation: car

·       Stores where they shop: Wal-Mart, HEB, Target

·       Family Member’s Information (Name - relationship, age | height; shirt size; pant size; shoe size):

PABLO - Dad, 41 | 6'3"; XL; 38x32; shoe size 10.5. 

ANA - Mom, 37 | 5'; L, Large petite; 8; shoe size 7;

JENNIFER - Daughter, Age 18 | 5'; M; 2; shoe size 5. 

BRIANA - Daughter, Age 6 | 4'; 10./12; 10./12; shoe size 2. 


PABLO - Watch, wallet, electric trimmer, cologne, tool kit, tool box, work boots, jacket, winter clothes, white t shirts, cap, tennis shoes.  ANA - Cookware, hand mixer, cross body bag, perfume, winter clothes, black boots, kitchen table and chairs, toaster, towels, Queen sheet set (yellow), pillows. 
JENNIFER - Make up, scooter, cross body bag, ipod shuffle, jewelry, perfume, winter clothes, jacket, socks, tennis shoes, black boots, sweaters.
BRIANA - Barbie doll dream house, scooter, kids fuji instax, film, kids arts and crafts, barbies, winter clothes, boots, Christmas dress and shoes for church, jacket, socks.

Other household needs include: Gas Card, Non-Perishable Food , School Supplies, Board Games


·       Family ID: SV50

·       Head of Household: YOLANDA C.

·       Property of residence: Sierra Vista, 4320 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78745

·       Family Size: 1 (1 Adults, 0 Kids)

·       Employment Status: single

·       Family Story: I have been struggling to make ends meet and sometimes barely making it. It would be nice to finally be able to have something for me to enjoy since all of my money goes to bills.

·       Mode of Transportation: car

·       Stores where they shop: Wal-Mart, HEB

·       Family Member’s Information: YOLANDA - self, 55 | 


YOLANDA - Biege sheets queen, brown queen comforter, pillow cases, pillow, shower curtain, rugs, perfume. 

Other household needs include: Gas Card