About Us


Coffee is not a frivolous treat; it's nourishment for your soul. Coffee brings people together. It forms community. Grabbing a cup of Joe can mean the start of a friendship, the launch of new business venture or just catching up with an old friend. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is instantly recognizable and almost without exception evokes a deeply positive feeling.  It brightens mornings, perks us up  mid-afternoon, when all we want is a quick nap, and a nice espresso caps off an exquisite dinner.  

It’s this sense of warmth and community that drove Vicky and Bruce Lewis to bring the first specialty coffee house to Dripping Springs, Texas.  With every cup served, they invite their honored guests to enjoy the community that the coffee house serves.  Expanding their business into coffee roasting in 2015 was a natural progression of their passion.  Becoming more immersed in the farm to cup experience and fully understanding the journey of the beans from around the world brings with it a responsibility to roast the beans with extreme care and precision to fully develop the unique qualities of each bean and its origin. 

Located in Downtown Dripping Springs, Texas

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